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巧影app如何去掉原音 巧影消除视频原声的方法

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Now more and more people are using smart shadow apps, which can help us edit great videos.  And when you're using it, you want to eliminate the original sound of the video, what do you do for work?  This is described below.  
Steps to close the video soundtrack  

  • Steps to close the video soundtrack


1. In fact, The process of erasing the raw sound of a video is not complicated. In the first step, The user must click the "+" button on the "Qiaoying" home page to import the local material files on the phone through the "Layers" function. 

2. Then find the sound button in the list on the right, and enter the button to manage and set the sound of the current video.  

3. At this time, as long as the sound progress bar is pulled to the bottom,In this way we can successfully turn off the original sound of the video.  Anyone who needs it can do it in the same way.